About Us

Within few decades internationally SCION INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING PRIVATE LIMITED has achieved its fame and height in supplying any kind of machinery spare parts and lubricants which are the elixir of all sophisticated heavy machinaries used in diferent industries like steel industry,agriculture industy,mining industry,suger procesing industry,pump/motors/compressor industry,paper industry,textile industry,automotive industry,,crusher industry, material handling equipment/ heavy machinery/ earthmoving equipment industry.

SCION INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING PRIVATE LIMITED plays an important role in achieving the desired spare parts availability at an optimum cost. Presently, the industries are going for capital intensive, mass production oriented and sophisticated technology. The downtime for such plant and machinery is prohibitively expensive. It has been observed in many industries that the non-availability of spare parts and the cost of spare parts is more than 50% of the total maintenance cost in the industry. It is a paradox to note that the maintenance department is complaining of the non-availability of the spare parts to meet their requirement and finance department is facing the problem of increasing locked up capital in spare parts inventory. This amply signifies the vital importance of spare parts management in any organisation.

Our Vision:

Our vision to maintain our position as a world leading spare parts and lubricants supplier and hence at SCION INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING PRIVATE LIMITED engineering pvt ltd we relentlessly maintain a strong inventory of million numbers of various spare parts ,accessories and lubricants for all kind of machineries used in various industries as mentioned earlier.

Our Mission:

Clients' productivity, competetivenes and profitability is our high concern since our inception .we accomplish these by continuously striving our proofessionalism providind end to end clients` support.

Support for all industries:


Our legacy:  Since two decades we are serving our clients and made them competetive, productive and profitable in their respective industries.

Global Presence: Presently we are serving in 11 countries and 4 continents.

Range of Products: We have huge stock of wide range of spare parts and lubricants for all kind of machineries in various industries.

Commitment and Customizations: We always motivate our clients to communicate with our experts to customize their purchase regarding the procurement of the required spare parts or lubricants.

Inventory Support: We have a strong inventory support through which we can fulfill the requirement of our clients and make their purchased spare parts or lubricants available at their strategic locations within the span of maximum 7 days.

Why SCION is the best choice for our prospective clients:

The unique problems faced by OUR CLIENTS OR ANY ORGANISATION in controlling/managing the spare parts are as follows.

Firstly, there is an element of uncertainty as to when a part is required and also the quantity of its requirement. This is due to the fact that the failure of a component, either due to wearing out or due to other reasons, cannot be predicted accurately.

Secondly, Spare parts are not that easily available in the market as they are not fast moving items. The original equipment manufacturer has to supply the spares in most of the cases. New models are introduced to incorporate the design improvements and old models are phased out. Hence the spares for old models are not readily available. Particularly, this is more so in case of imported equipment as the design changes are taking place faster in the developed countries.

Thirdly,The number and variety of spare parts are too large making the close control more and more tedious. For instance, the number of items of spares in a medium scale engineering industry may be around 15,000 and that in a large scale chemical industry may be around 100,000.

Fourthly,There is a tendency from the stage of purchase of the equipment to the stage of the use of the spare parts, to requisition spare parts more number than that are actually required and accumulation of spares takes place.

Finally,The rates of consumption of spare parts for some are very high and for some are very low. keeping all these hurdles in mind SCION engineering pvt ltd has set in its journey few decades back to ensure the supply of best quality spare parts and lubricants which are made in Europe ,USA,Asia to different organisation across the world. Today high satisfaction rate of our clients made SCION Engineering Pvt Ltd a leading and trusted player in supplying various spare parts and lubricants for varities of industrial seagments across the world .