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Flame Rock & Roll Machine

SCION INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING PRIVATE LIMITED offers the machine which is most suited for production of large tanks. This Machine is a single station bi-axial rotational molding machine with single U arm. U arm is serious duty and supported from both side by attitude housings. Rock n roll machine for Water storage tank, Rock n roll machine, storage tank machine, biggest tanks and Rock n roll water tank machine exporter and rotomolding machine especially for largest tank.

Rock n Roll machine is appropriate for large size cylindrical vertical container and other similar products. This machine can also be used for roto coating of products.

Some key features are:

  • Rock N Roll Machine is simple, one man operated open flame type machine. Used for making large volume containers.
  • Mold is rotated frame and it is heated by means of open flame burners.
  • Mold is then cooled and product removed.
  • For Open Flame Rock 'N' Roll Machine Pet Is required on the Ground and Overhead Crane / Hoist for Loading and Unloading the Molds of the Machine.
  • The machine is Easy to Operate, Low Maintenance and Minimum Manpower required.
  • The Ultimate Machine products Large Size Hollow Tanks.
  • Less Installation Cost and Easy Operating System with Control Panel.
  • Machine Available up to 40000 Liters capacity tank Products.