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Eaton Moeller

We understand how your business operation gets affected when the spares parts of heavy duty equipments are not available in the market. At SCION, you will find get the equipment as well as Eaton Moeller’s spare parts and yes we even supply at different cities in Yemen and Saudi..

Eaton Moeller’s DILM-01 (24VDC) is the basic closed contact with tri-pole contractor, the design is not smart but also compact with inter locks. In case you need the switch option try Eaton Moeller’s LS-SO2, it comes with double N/C contact. This limit switch of Eaton Klockner Moeller is compatible with other products like the LS-XL; LS-XLB/A; LS-XP etc. At SCION, other Eaton Moeller spare parts like roller lever short, long, large and angled. You can also avail additional accessories like adapter plate, guide disc, cage clamp etc.