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Moulds ( SS & MS )

Rotomolding is used to make a very diverse range of products. The process offers the product designer exceptional freedom as just about any shape can be produced. There is almost no limit to the size of moldings and there are literally thousands of applications. This process is relatively inexpensive as they do not have to withstand pressure and therefore relatively short production runs can be made very economically.

Some key features are:

  • Low tooling costs. As this is a casting process there is no pressure. This means molds are inexpensive and low volume can be economic. If you have a great idea for a new product but don’t know how many you’ll sell or simply want a low volume production run, rotomolding’s low initial investment makes it particularly attractive.
  • It’s easy to make complicated shapes. Rotomolding readily accommodates production complexities such as stiffening ribs, molded inserts and different surface textures.
  • Uniform wall thickness. Rotomolding achieves consistent wall thickness with corners tending to be thicker. This increases product strength and integrity. Other processes such as blow molding stretch the molten material at corners or sharp edges creating potential thin spots and weaknesses.
  • Rotational molding machine costs are low compared to other processes and the investment required is small. There is great production flexibility with the process.
  • There is almost no limit to the size of products and several different products can be molded at the same time.

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