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SCION is the leading supplier of industrial equipment and here you can avail different types VDL spare parts. Nobody better than us understands the industrial gap between the demand and supply. We offer the best competitive price in the market and also maintain quality products. We mainly cater in middle-east Asia, Saudi Arabia, Yemen etc.

In cities like Tehran,Riyadh,Tehran,Isfahan,Shiraz, Mashhad,Tabriz,Yazd,Ahvaz,Rasht,Kashan, Hamadan,Aden, Ta’izz, Hajjah, Zanjibar, Riyadh, Medina, Jeddah,Muscat,As Sib al Jadidah,Salalah,Sohar,Nizwa,Seeb,Ibri,Sur,Rustaq,Barka,Bawshar etc.

Chainlift systems Chainlift systems offer a transport rationalization that has become an essential part of the current containertransport. With its flexibility and multifunctionality the VDL chainlift system provides the right solution for any transport problem. With the advent of Translift within VDL Groep, the production of chainlift systems as standard in use for containertransport, is incorporated at the product range of VDL Containersystemen.

The lifting and demounting of a container can simply be performed in minutes by the driver from inside the cab.
The combination of a lifting chain with claw makes it possible to automatically mount the container. The driver does not need to leave his cabin for this.
The attachment is located at the bottom of the container. Because of this and because the tipping and sliding movement of the chainlift system function independently, the lifting angle is minimal. This results in a light and compact design with a maximum load capacity.
Another advantage of this is that a container is double sided liftable. In contrast to a hook or cable installation the lifting point at the bottom of the container makes it possible to include ISO containers as well as press containers with the chain system at both the front and the rear.
The pusher nock mounted on all chain systems facilitates the horizontal movement of containers. This way, containers can be pushed easily to trailers or railway wagons with ACTS twist frames.
For many years VDL has been a leading manufacturer of vibrating conveyors. We design and manufacture various types of imbalance vibration tables / vibrating throughs / tube vibrators and sieve shakers, which are used for many purposes, to the benefit of a large range of industries

  • Available in various designs.
  • Available in stainless steel or steel.
  • Optionally available in ATEX certified version.
  • High-quality standard finish.
  • Also available in a mobile version.
  • Easy to clean
  • Transporting
  • Sorting by size
  • Dewatering.
  • Aligning / orientation.
  • Degreasing.
  • Spreading
  • Sieving
  • Dosing