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Mixer Machine

SCION INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING PRIVATE LIMITED offers the Turbo Mixer machine which is using for Mixing Polymers and other Ingredients. This Machine consist Stainless Steel Vessel, Mixing Tool & Mechanical Discharge Control Cabinet and Other Accessories. It is the use of mechanical force and gravity, the two or more materials are uniformly mixed up in machinery and equipment. In the mixing process, the material can also increase the contact surface area to promote the chemical reaction; physical changes can also be accelerated.

Some key features are:

  • Extended shaft end.
  • Durable hydraulic pump.
  • Multiple tubes for water spraying.
  • High performance taper mixing arm.


  • Mixing Vessel: 5mm Thick Stainless Steel Vessel having Outer Jacket fabricated having housing various openings for material feed. Complete Vessel Is mounted on Heavy Cast Iron Bearing Housing on Sturdy Frame of fabricated Steel Structure.
  • Bearing House: Bearing House Is fitted directly on the Frame below the Vessel Housing main device shaft with two nos. of Ball Bearings. Resin leakage to Bearings Is prevented by Mechanical Rotary Shaft Seal and Gaskets.
  • Mixing Tool: Four / Six Blades of Stainless Steel dynamically balanced to Avoid Vibration and are mounted on Main Shaft driven by a Motor.
  • Drive: A.C. Motor with Single Speed Drives and the Main Shaft. Electrical Equipment: All Controls are mounted In a Combined Switching Control. It Includes the Ammeter, Voltmeter, Temperature Indicator with Thermocouple, Starter to drive Motor and other Electrical Equipment.