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Camfil Dust Collector

SCION Engineering works is the main provider of mechanical hardware and here you can benefit diverse sorts Camfil dust collector. We offer the best affordable price in the market and furthermore keep up quality items.

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Gold Series Collectors
Utilized for an assortment of contamination control and item recuperation applications, Camfil's Gold Series particular cartridge tidy and smoke authority consolidates improved execution effortlessly of administration while cleaning the workplace of bothering dust and vapor.

Zephyr III Portables
Camfil's Zephyr III is perfect for modern process pollution, source catch and for plants requiring intermittent tidy accumulation at different areas.

GS Camtain Collectors
Camfil's Gold Series Camtain tidy authority is a particular model for pharmaceutical applications. Sack In Bag-Out (BIBO) safe-change regulation frameworks are accessible on both the cartridge get to entryways and tidy release framework underneath the authority.

HemiPleat Filters
Camfil's HemiPleat configuration guarantees various and significant advantages to end clients of tidy accumulation gear. Best in class creasing innovation is the way to the HemiPleat's unrivaled execution.

GSHV High Vacuum Collectors
Camfil's GSHV Gold Series High Vacuum tidy gatherers can be utilized as a part of utilizations up to 17 in Hg or 8 psi positive weight. Basic applications incorporate focal vacuum frameworks, positive or negative item recipients and high-weight receptacle vents.

GSP Packaged Systems
Simply connect it to! – Camfil Farr's Gold Series Package (GSP) unit comes totally amassed and prepared to run. The fan, cleaning framework, channels and controls are production line amassed.