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Hengstler- Revolution

At SCION you can avail all products and spare part of Hengstler, especially in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia, Yemen and their cities like Dhi as- Sufal, Hajjah, Zabid, Bajil, Zanjibar, Aden, Ta’izz, Hofuf, Mecca, Jeddah, Medina, Dammam.

We ensure quality product and safe & early delivery, we provide Hengstler spare parts at a low cost. We offer Hengstler’s counter timer, and different variants of Hengstler encoder AC, AD, AX, RI30, RI32, RI36, RI38, RI41, RI42, RI58, RI59, RI64, RI76, RX etc. SCION is known for offering industrial spare parts inventory. The 101 series of Hengstler surface Mount transmission ratio is one is to ten with hundred rmp maximum, this product is quite popular in the overall market.