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Damac Properties waives fees for external cleaners and maintenance

Damac Properties has waived all registration fees for external vendors and contractors and maintenance companies, although it plans to continue with the registration process, according to a company spokesperson.

In late July, owners and residents of properties managed by Damac or Loams – the Luxury Owner Association Management Services – properties were informed of the change in policy on Thursday, July 25.

The announcement, however, met with resistance from residents, who launched an online petition calling on Damac to drop it completely. In response, the developer said it would reconsider the charge.

On Tuesday, Niall McLoughlin, senior vice president, Damac Properties, announced that the policy change would no longer be implemented.

“The registration fees for all external service providers was introduced to ensure the security of the residents in the community and to generate incremental revenue for owners associations with the objective of reducing service charges,” he said.

“After reviewing the concerns raised by residents and owners, Loams has re-evaluated the implementation process of vendor registration and work permits, resulting in the decision that hence forth all registration fees will be waived,” McLoughlin added.

However, McLoughlin said that the primary focus of the registration, which is designed to ensure safety and quality service, will continue.

“The registration process will continue to be implemented without fees,” he said.