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Made in Oman’ economic program showcases Omani industry triumphs globally

With 30 episodes, the show unveils the intricate production processes, from raw materials to market-ready goods, highlighting Omani youth’s contributions and cutting-edge technologies.

“Made in Oman” delves deep into the success stories of Omani industries, emphasizing their transformation of local resources into world-class products. Viewers look inside at leading factories like Valley Steel and Areej Lubricants, showcasing Oman’s self-sufficiency and robust export market.

The program’s focus on innovation is evident, featuring industries unique to the region, such as truck trailers and oil/gas transport tank manufacturing. It also sheds light on factory automation and the harmonious blend of technology and human expertise, as seen in the Amwaj perfume factory’s global acclaim.

Moreover, “Made in Oman” traces these factories’ humble beginnings to their current status as major economic players, attracting both local and foreign investors. Through captivating visuals and insightful narratives, the program underscores Oman’s investment potential and economic stability, drawing over 70 thousand views on YouTube.

Intisar Bint Habib Al-Shibliyya’s engaging presentation, directed by Muhammad Al-Bimani and produced by Al-Mada Media Company, ensures that “Made in Oman” is a compelling and informative watch, celebrating Oman’s industrial achievements on the global stage.